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Duo goes Solo

Jenny N James have been taking some time to dive into their individual music.

JENNY VOSS released her first album on 11/11 called "Free." You can find her album on any streaming platform, and follow her solo journey at or @jennyvossmusic 

Follow James' new journey @downlikedempsey as he starts doing solo gigs and collabing with new local musicians. 

Thank you so much for showing us love over the past four years of gigging together! It's been an amazing ride that has opened us both up to our greatest opportunities. We love you!!  

Original MUSIC is in the works!

We've had the opportunity to start branching out from cover songs and try to write our own music. It has been magical. James has put in many hours of the night figuring out how to produce so we can make something radio-worthy. We always try them at our live shows also so next time you see us, make sure to request our latest original "Okay." Hoping to get this on iTunes and Spotify soon!